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We have always said that we would offer the most dignified and compassionate cremation for the lowest price in the area. Because we want to serve you, if another funeral establishment, within our service area, advertises a lower cremation price than our price we will match or beat that price. Do you need help? Do you need someone who cares enough to understand your unique situation. Call us today at 512-243-7277.
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Primarily serving Travis, Hays, and Williamson counties. Even outside of these counties, feel free to contact us about your cremation needs.

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Batesville Cloisonne’ Urns

Full Size


adobe cloisonne full size urnAdobe Cloisonne’ $484.00 (Larger View)


auburn leaves cloisonne full size urnAuburn Leaves Cloisonne’ $429.00 (Larger View)


dusty rose cloisonne full size urnDusty Rose Cloisonne’ $627.00 (Larger View)


magnolia pink cloisonne full size urnMagnolia Pink Cloisonne’ $583.00 (Larger View)


minuet cloisonne full size urnMinuet Cloisonne’ $627.00 (Larger View)


onyx cloisonne full size urnOnyx Cloisonne’ $429.00 (Larger View)


opal cloisonne full size urnOpal Cloisonne’ $429.00 (Larger View)


royal blue cloisonne full size urnRoyal Blue Cloisonne’ $583.00 (Larger View)

Keepsake (Medium Size)

adobe keepsake cloisonne' urnAdobe Keepsake Cloisonne’ $275.00 (Larger View)


auburn leaves keepsake cloisonne' urnAuburn Leaves Keepsake Cloisonne’ $231.00 (Larger View)


dusty rose keepsake cloisonne' urnDusty Rose Keepsake Cloisonne’ $209.00 (Larger View)


magnolia pink cloisonne' keepsake urnMagnolia Pink Keepsake Cloisonne’ $319.00 (Larger View)


minuet keepsake cloisonne' urnMinuet Keepsake Cloisonne’ $242.00 (Larger View)


nouveau butterfly cloisonne' keepsake urnNouveau Butterfly Keepsake Cloisonne’ $231.00 (Larger View)


onyx keepsake cloisonne' urnOnyx Keepsake Cloisonne’ $231.00 (Larger View)


opal keepsake cloisonne' urnOpal Keepsake Cloisonne’ $231.00 (Larger View)


royal blue keepsake cloisonne' urnRoyal Blue Keepsake Cloisonne’ $319.00 (Larger View)




adobe miniature cloisonne urnAdobe Miniature Cloisonne’ $176.00 (Larger View)

auburn leaves miniature cloisonne' urnAuburn Leaves Miniature Cloisonne’ $154.00 (Larger View)

nouveau butterfly miniature cloisonne' urnNouveau Butterfly Miniature Cloisonne’ $154.00 (Larger View)

onyx miniature cloisonne' urnOnyx Miniature Cloisonne’ $154.00 (Larger View)

opal miniature cloisonne' urnOpal Miniature Cloisonne’ $154.00 (Larger View)


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